• Has a system for prioritizing emails

    • Learned how to flag emails in Outlook 

  • Has a system for prioritizing To Do's 

    • Will be using Outlook Tasks

  • Has a place to track BHANGs (Big Hairy Audacious Noble Goals) 

    • Will discuss this at next assessment meeting  


  • Knows how to ask for extended time or an extension on projects and homework

    • Will discuss this at next assessment meeting  

  • Knows appropriate email communication format

  • Knows to reply within two days to all formal emails

  • Knows to reply within 24 hours to all text messages and phone calls 

  • Can send a picture through the phone


Planning / Seeing Time 

  • Can schedule an item in Google / Outlook Calendar with Zoom link

    • Learned how to create events on Outlook Calendar 

  • Can create repeating events on Calendar software 

  • Has a system to track To Do’s

    • Will be using Outlook Tasks 

  • Knows how to use a calendar to track upcoming important dates and events

  • Can synch multiple calendars to one schedule 


Task-Initiation & Externalization of Reminders 

  • Can set alarms on phone to remind them to do tasks

    • Using tasks notifications on phone


Self-Monitoring of Progress 

  • Knows how to create an error log and monitor progress toward a goal


Self Regulation

  • Can identify things that bring them joy and help decompress 

  • Knows when feeling overwhelmed and ways to refresh in order to remain productive



  • Understand the importance of providing appropriate time frames when making requests of others 

  • Knows strategies for making communication friendly and warm

"Sean was incredibly helpful when I was juggling multiple projects at work. He was able observe and create a workflow that significantly reduced my stress/ anxiety for me… which in turn made me a more efficient and happy employee. Would highly recommend!!"  

Russell, San Francisco | Engineer at Leading U.S. Drone Manufacturer

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