Assistive Technology Coaching

Assistive Technology Coaching teaches individuals and their families what tools are available that can increase engagement, motivation, and self-esteem through dynamic assessment and individualized supports.

A Boy and His Tablet Device

What is the EF Specialists approach to Assistive Technology Coaching?

Assistive Technology (AT) is any item that helps an individual function in their daily lives. AT is important because its effects can increase self-esteem, organization, and motivation while decreasing stress and anxiety. Within the school and home systems, AT can often be overlooked due to the focus on increasing an individual's skill instead of giving them the necessary tools to be successful even though AT can be used to address skills related to writing, communication, attention, sensory, reading, and more.


At EF Specialists, we understand the stress that comes with identifying where to use AT tools, what types of AT might be useful, and how to utilize AT in a way that works for you - that is why we created Assistive Technology Coaching. Through our AT Coaching model, we will help you identify where to use AT in your life through dynamic assessment and how your AT can grow with you through individualized supports. This might look like identifying when and where to implement fine motor tools such as pencil grips or slant boards to increase legibility or sensory tools such as fidgets, timers, or noise cancelling headphones to increase attention.

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