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College Success Coaching

Some college students need support learning and practicing executive functioning skills, including:

  • Effectively using a calendar

  • Planning out short and long term assignments

  • Managing multiple classes and assignments

  • Balancing work, social life, family, and school

  • Planning for classes

  • Registering for classes

  • Adding important dates to a calendar

  • Requesting and implementing academic accommodations

  • Communicating with instructors/using office hours

  • Interpreting feedback on assignments

  • Understanding assignments

  • Prioritizing assignments

  • Finding and using resources 

  • Developing self-advocacy skills and confidence

In order to support this, Executive Function Specialists offers Executive Functioning and Academic Content Support in the following ways

  • Periodic text reminders (frequency based on student need)

  • Weekly Tutoring meetings

  • Bi-weekly meetings with a case manager to check in about the week, plan assignments, adjust calendar, troubleshoot

  • Monthly updates to family, including goal progress and other milestones

The goal of Case Management is for students to slowly increase independence and decrease dependence on the support provider.  Students will set goals and progress will be measured monthly


Some potential goals for students are:

  • No missing assignments by the end of each week

  • Unprompted, appropriate  communication with support staff and family 

  • Effectively using a calendar daily

"I love working with both Maya and Ellie. They are so wonderful and understanding to walk me through my assignments. I’m definatly feeling a bit more confident and I find myself typing thoughts down as I’m saying it out loud. I have good ideas but if I say them but don’t write it down then the thoughts just flow with the breeze and I forget. Today was long. I had so many zoom meetings. I was struggling to stay awake and focused when I wrapped up my day with Ellie. We worked on an extra credit reflection for a speaker that I joined in-between working with Maya and Ellie. It was a lot but I’m glad I joined for the added boost for those 15points. One more done. I’m wrapping up my outline with Maya tomorrow. Progress is a strange new feeling."

- College Student