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College Admissions Guidance

EF Specialists offers a wide variety of services to help you prepare for the college application process and feel confident in your college selections. We will guide you step by step through the process and help you executively decide which college setting is right for you. Read below to learn more: 

"I just committed to University of Oregon last Sunday and I could not be more excited! I seriously need to properly thank both you and Ellie for setting me up for success in college. I’ve never felt more independent and self sufficient in my life and it’s largely due to you teaching me how to approach procrastination and avoidant tendencies. I’ve felt like I’ve gone through a whole transformation over quarantine in terms of time management and work ethic and I seriously owe a lot of my process to both you and Ellie. I can’t thank you enough for preparing me for this really important step and just life in general!"

- First Year College Student 

à La Carte Services

Intake Session and Initial College List: 90 minutes/mandatory

  • Overview of college process

  • Review transcripts and test scores

  • Appraise student’s interests through interview and assessments

  • Identify preferred college characteristics

  • Set up CustomCollegePlan account and review website features

  • Research schools based on interests, abilities, and cost 

  • Generate a broad list of colleges for student to explore


Final College List: 2-3 hours for up to 12 schools 

  • Develop final list of colleges containing various degrees of selectivity 

  • Assign probabilities and deadlines

  • Review final list with family for approval


Essay Guidance: 1-2 hours per essay

  • Topic exploration

  • Brainstorm sessions

  • Review drafts for accuracy


Applications: 1-2 hours per application

  • Timeline created with deadlines (including early decision/action)

  • Activity list creation

  • Review all applications for accuracy before submission

  • Interview Prep


College Selection/Financial Aid

  • Create college portals

  • Provide information on scholarship search engines

  • Evaluate financial aid award letters and compare options

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