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Compensatory Education

Compensatory education is generally defined as educational services above and beyond that normally due to a student resulting from the failure or inability of a school to provide services pursuant to an IEP or 504 Plan. EF Specialists is equipped to serve these gaps in learning through our team of highly-skilled practitioners. 

Why choose EF Specialists?  

At EF Specialists, we understand the power of individualized instruction, progress monitoring and team coordination to support your student in reaching their IEP goals. Through a combination of solution-focused questioning, the cultivation of resource-based thinking and reverse engineering, we will help your family chart a pathway to reaching your academic, social-emotional and transition goals, while supporting the development of the skills and habits necessary to remain successful when your student arrives at the ideal destination. 

Compensatory education can take many forms, which may include:  

  • Extended school year (ESY)

  • Targeted instruction to make up for learning loss associated with the pandemic or other system issues 

  • Specific services necessary for your student to access their education 

  • And more!