"I believe we have a match!!!! I am soo excited after hearing Julia’s commentary about her meeting with you tonight Ella! She is studying away using her new techniques! She so enjoyed her session and I am thrilled!!” 

-Parent, High School Senior 

Ella Holton-McCoy

Executive Function Specialist

    My name is Ella Holton-McCoy and I am an Executive Function Coach with EF Specialists. I am pursuing a  master’s degree in Educational Therapy and will be joining the Association of Educational Therapists at the end of this semester. I received my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in special education from San Diego State in 2019. I have a website called Learnable ( that offers free resources and study tips for students of all ages. I recently completed a two year fellowship in reading intervention but along the way, discovered my love for executive functioning skills. I am a firm believer that executive functioning skills are the key to success in education as well as in life. I have worked with students from a variety of backgrounds, with a range of needs and no matter what, I have remained steadfast that all students can learn, some just need additional resources and support.  In my free time, I enjoy playing frisbee golf, swimming, reading, and spending time with my family. 

“Students learn if they can, not if they want to” - Ross Greene