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Executive Function Coaching

Executive Function Coaching offers children and adults with learning disabilities and other learning differences a wide range of intensive, individualized interventions designed to remediate learning challenges and build resilience.

"I’ve never felt more independent and self sufficient in my life and it’s largely due to you teaching me how to approach procrastination and avoidant tendencies. I’ve felt like I’ve gone through a whole transformation over quarantine in terms of time management and work ethic and I seriously owe a lot of my process to both you and Ellie. I can’t thank you enough for preparing me for this really important step and just life in general!"

High School Student, Marin County

What is the EF Specialists approach to Executive Function Coaching?  

At EF Specialists, we understand the power of individualized instruction, progress monitoring and team coordination to support your student in reaching their IEP goals. Through a combination of solution-focused questioning, the cultivation of resource-based thinking and reverse engineering, we will help your family chart a pathway to reaching your academic, social-emotional and transition goals, while supporting the development of the skills and habits necessary to remain successful when your student arrives at the ideal destination. 

Our approach to Executive Function Coaching demystifies learning differences and stimulates clients’ awareness of their strengths so they can use those strengths to their best advantage to overcome or compensate for areas of weakness.

Our team of professionals create and implement a treatment plan that utilizes information from a variety of sources including the client’s social, emotional, psychoeducational, and neuropsychological profiles.

Learn more about our approach by reviewing our Frequently asked questions, below: