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As a certified Non-Public Agency in California, we offer...


"..the reduction of nightly stress over homework in our house has been remarkable ..."

Janna, Parent 

Learn more about our NPA

Executive Functions Inc
NPA ID: 9903510

How much do your services cost?

Review our easy and predictable pricing structure for institutional clients. 

What are the details?

Review our slide deck which answers all your FAQs about our NPA

How can I learn more?

Schedule a complimentary inquiry meeting so we can discuss how our NPA can serve your students.

Do you provide curriculum?

No, we do not provide a curriculum. Review our easy start guide for working with EFS

What services do you provide?

Behavior Intervention - Design or Planning (5 CCR 3051.23)

Behavior Intervention – Implementation (5CCR 3051.23)

Specially Designed Vocational Education and Career Development (5 CCR 3051.14)

Partners & Certifications

Proud partners to respected California school districts. Certified as a Non Public Agency by the California Department of Education. 

CA dept of Ed.png

If you have been seeking to partner with a dependable Non-Public Agency that will provide consistent results, we are ready to support you. 

We are also a regional center vendor

Vendor Name: Executive Functions, Inc.

Vendor Number: ZN0280
Service Code: 107 (Educational Services)

Resource Developer: Carmen Alcantara 

Our wrap around support model can do the following for you:

Teach your students​ to develop their own system to track and complete their assignments, prepare for tests and communicate with their teachers.

Improve strained dynamics between parents and school teams so parents can focus on nurturing a positive relationship with their child and spend less time emailing school staff about their frustrations around a lack of progress. 

Assure your students are learning critical executive functioning skills such a time management, prioritization and assertive communication that improve transition outcomes. 

Our 5-Step Executive Function Coaching Process


Inquiry Meeting 


Matching & Assessment 


Weekly Coaching Sessions 


Family Team Meetings 


Phase Out

Still reading?

Check out the experiences our customers have shared on Google 👇

"My experience with Executive Function Specialist has been amazing! My son has been working with them for the past two years and his progress has been outstanding. They have exceeded my expectations with his results. Ever since my son has started working with the team his executive function skills and time management skills have improved drastically. Ms. Ella and Ms. Lindsay worked very well one on one with him and Sean along with the rest of his team are great at helping my family advocate for son’s educational needs during IEP meetings. This has been one of the best investments I have made for my sons education, and we look forward to continue working with them."

Veronica L | Parent | San Francisco

We are a GREAT match for your district if...

You are seeking to work with a skilled team of specialists who have depth and experience with wrap around supports and the IEP process

You see our process as a part of a larger solution to enhance your student's engagement with school 

Traditional models of support have not worked such as a resource room, residential treatment or push-in services

You will NOT want to work with us if...

You do not have a curriculum available for your student -- we help students access curriculum, but we do not provide it.

You are looking for a quick fix -- our process takes time; usually between 6 months to a year to have a visible impact 

You cannot commit to engaging in our process - school team participation is key! 

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