Who are our clients?

Our clients typically range from middle school to adulthood. Most clients present with some symptoms of ADHD that are causing personal, academic, or professional challenges over an extended period of time. These may include an inability to break large goals into smaller tasks, difficulties in communicating effectively with adults or colleagues, and more. 

Whether the client needs targeted instruction in a specific learning area or an overall strategy for managing school challenges, we will provide appropriately scaffolded activities to support growth.


Some activities that we will coach students through are: 


  • Self-Advocacy and Negotiation With School Staff Regarding Assignments And Deadlines  

  • Identifying Missing Work And Prioritizing A Plan of Action

  • Chunking Assignments Into Manageable Sections 

Adult learners with ADHD may need specific support in resolving an issue, improving a specific skill, or setting goals and following through. Some activities that we will coach adult learners through are: 

  • Enrollment In College or Technical Schooling

  • Assisting With Applications

  • Applying For Jobs 

  • Developing A Calendar And Using Reminders 

  • Creating A Budget  

  • Spelling Remediation

Transition Coaching clients may need support with making the leap into adulthood or navigating career changes. Some areas of support that we can provide are: 

  • Identifying A Suitable Major Or Career 

  • Managing University Coursework 

  • Balancing College And Career Demands With Mental Health Needs 

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