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Our goal is to ensure any willing student and family who wants executive function coaching is able to receive it. With this in mind, we partner with philanthropic institutions who would like to see this vision realized. Read below to learn more about our scholarship program and how you can get involved

"Truly, Sean and his team have pulled off what I think can seem impossible for so many families who have children who are not accessing their education and therefore not making appropriate academic progress...He knows the system because of his unique experience as an educator and I cannot say enough about how he has helped my student clients and their families approach learning in a refreshing and positive way." 


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If you know someone who would benefit from our services, but cannot afford them, encourage them to complete our scholarship application, or with their consent, complete the form for them. Once the scholarship as been completed, we will coordinate with our philanthropic partners to ensure funding is available to support these services for an amount of time that is necessary to make a positive impact on the student and family.  

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How you can help​

Donations drive our ability to support students and families who could not normally afford our services. Instead of creating our own foundation, we have chosen to partner with existing foundations and philanthropic organizations who understand the power of executive function coaching and our associated supports.  

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Using the buttons below, you can either schedule a consult so we can discuss making the world a better place through planned giving -- or, if you are ready to support someone, you can sign them up for services and sponsor them for a specific amount using the button below