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Test Preparation

Our test preparation process is founded on our belief that all students can reach their goals when the appropriate supports, scaffolds and accountability approaches are put in place. Want to learn more? 

Why EF Specialists for test preparation? 

At EF Specialists, we know how to help you reach your test preparation goals. Preparing for a test effectively requires a step-by-step process that enables you to take a bird's eye view on your strengths, areas of challenge and method of addressing gaps in knowledge. 

Through a combination of goal setting, motivational interviewing and personal data-tracking, we will help you craft a plan that gives you the greatest probability of meeting your goal. We will help you with all the little things that we know work for test preparation, including: 

  • Setting benchmarks in-service of your larger goal 

  • Instruction on calendaring and reverse engineering 

  • Development of external systems for reminders and prompts 

  • Mindfulness coaching to access your full cognitive capabilities 

  • How to create an error log to track your areas of growth 

  • Visualization of your test preparation data for enhanced motivation and understanding 

  • And so much more! 

Our test preparation methodology will help you develop skills that can be applied across a range of scenarios and will ultimately help you strengthen your goal-orientated behaviors. Connect with us today! 

"I think his overall sense of confidence and pride in his ability to make big strides in what was once absolute torture, has been transformative for him over the past couple of months. He has felt the change, and he says he feels happier."

High School Parent, San Francisco 

Want to discuss a plan for you? 

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