College Success Coaching

"I love working with both Maya and Ellie. They are so wonderful and understanding to walk me through my assignments. I’m feeling a bit more confident and I find myself typing thoughts down as I’m saying it out loud. Today was long. I had so many zoom meetings. I was struggling to stay awake and focused when I wrapped up my day with Ellie. We worked on an extra credit reflection for a speaker that I joined in-between working with Maya and Ellie. It was a lot but I’m glad I joined for the added boost for those 15points. One more done. I’m wrapping up my outline with Maya tomorrow. Progress is a strange new feeling."

- College Student

High School Support

"I just wanted to send an officially thank you for helping me with the work we did. You taught me the benefits of communication and had my perspective change from a scared one to one that helped me look at it as a support system which I am forever grateful for. I have gained the habit of emailing my teachers to keep in close contact with them so they know where i stand in their class as well as help me manage the work load."

- High School Student

Transition Coaching

"Super happy to report my text exchange with Caroline this evening at the end of her five hour shift: ”It was so good! And I made $80!”

- Parent of Client

Middle School Support

"He’s doing fantastic in math at school. Did he tell you he was invited to mathletes and is testing for placement now. His teacher also recommended him for advance math in 7th grade, which R would like to do."

- Parent of Middle School Student

Elementary Support

"We’ve been so happy and impressed with MB. She is really helping my son. He’s coming home and getting right to work on his homework which is a game changer! She’s wonderful."

- Parent of Elementary School Student