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Gal S, M. Ed Psychology, (she/her/hers)

EF Specialist

Executive Function Specialist (she/her/hers)
Bachelor's in Communication Sciences and Disorders
Master’s in Education Psychology

Hi! My name is Gal. I am an Educational Psychologist based in NYC with over 10 years of experience teaching in classroom and one-on-one settings. After graduating from the University of Central Florida in 2015 with a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders, I obtained my Master’s in Ed. Psychology and have, since then, been practicing as a learning specialist across California and here, on the East Coast. I provide academic and social-emotional support to students with a variety of learning differences and have traveled the world teaching English and Spanish. Having trained in the Linda-Mood Bell program and many other curriculums, I am equipped to assist students with a variety of special needs. I seek to crate meaningful connections with families, and aid my students in bringing joy to their learning journeys.

My pedagogy is rooted around empowering my students. I wish to help them formulate their own perspectives of the world around them and encourage them to “look inwards to see outwards.” I find inspiration in acting as a guide to my students, providing them with the tools to learn beyond their academic load, and accomplish self-mastery through compassion, confidence and hard-work. I believe we must value and respect individual differences, for which I center my practice around guiding my students to finding confidence and motivation in the process.

I work with students who need support with social and emotional learning, developing a growth mindset, and who need guidance with their executive functioning skills. For this, I act as a mentor as students assume a more active role in their learning process.

Gal S, M. Ed Psychology, (she/her/hers)
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