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Become an online executive function coach

Is this you?

You want freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere.

You want to leave a positive impact on the world through your unique gifts. 

You love to guide others through a process of transformation and growth.

What we do?

We empower students through online executive function coaching, guiding them to enhanced skills in the key areas of life skills such as:
  • Planning
  • Organization
  • Self-advocacy
  • Initiation
  • Time management
  • And more! 
Additionally, through our Family Team Meeting process, we guide parents to understand and support their students in ways they did not realize possible, liberating them to have more connected and empowered relationships. 

Our Impact

"She has helped him reach his full potential, going from a combination of A’s, B’s and C’s to straight A’s.  The report card speaks for itself, but more importantly she has helped him with his self-esteem and confidence, all of which translates to a more content child and a more peaceful home."

Colleen Sonneborn, Parent

What is it like to work at EFS? 

Your Day

As an Executive Function Specialist, you will engage in one-on-one remote coaching with students to strengthen their executive functioning skills. 
You will evaluate their initial executive function skills, match with an appropriate coach, and guide them through regular sessions. 
You'll also facilitate Family Team Meetings to celebrate progress, identify new goals, and assign responsibilities. You will be challenged by parents and students to draw clear boundaries and maintain 

Are you up for the challenge?

Your responsibility

You will be held accountable for the successful development of your students' executive function skills, their progress, and the effectiveness of the interventions you design. 
You are also responsible for maintaining open and clear communication with the students, their families, and your team members.
You will need to be flexible, creative and brave -- students and families will challenge you to not only show how much you know, but how much you care. 
This job is not easy, but it can be incredibly empowering, for students, families, and specialists.

Does this sound attractive to you?

Why might this not be the right fit for you? 

  • You Struggle with Demanding Situations: If you find it difficult to work with demanding parents or have challenges in setting firm boundaries, this role might not be suitable for you. Our coaches need to maintain professional yet empathetic relationships with both students and their parents.

  • You Have An Inflexible Schedule: The nature of our work requires flexibility in scheduling to accommodate the varying needs of our students. If you prefer a rigid work schedule or are unable to adapt to changing time requirements, this position may not align with your preferences.

  • You are Frequently Traveling: Consistency and dependability are key in this role. If you are often traveling or unable to commit to a stable schedule, it could impact the continuity and effectiveness of the coaching process.

  • You Are Seeking a Less Challenging Role: This position can be demanding and requires a high level of professional resilience. If you are not looking for a role that challenges and pushes you to grow, this might not be the right fit.

What are you looking for in your next role? 


Fully remote work 

Work from home or on the road; just make sure your connection is strong! 

Opportunities for advancement 

We grow from within -- if you have the enthusiasm and abilities to grow into new roles, we will work together to make it happen.

401k with a fully -vested match

That's right. After 6 months of employment, you are eligible for our industry lead match. We want to set you up for long-term success.

Flexible hours

Forget the 9-5 -- you make your own hours. Just make sure they work for your students, as well.

Competitive salary 

We know you know your worth and we are ready to invest to make you a part of our special team. 

Healthcare Reimbursement

Our flexible healthcare reimbursement for employees that are 20+ hours per week allows you to choose the options that are best for you, without being tied to one-size fits all model. 

Our open positions

  • Who are AET Educational Therapists?
    AET-qualified Educational Therapists have met high educational, philosophical, and ethical standards to support their clients. AET Associate Educational Therapist members are highly trained professionals, with graduate- level degrees and documented educational backgrounds in special education, educational assessment, and the philosophy and practice of educational therapy. AET Educational Therapist/Professionals (ET/Ps) have completed additional supervised hours with a Board Certified Educational Therapist and have logged at least 1500 hours of direct service with clients. AET Board Certified Educational Therapists (BCETs) have reached the highest level of professional qualification by completing a Master’s Degree in a field related to educational therapy and meeting additional requirements including submitting a comprehensive case study and passing a best practices exam.
  • Who benefits from the support of an AET Educational Therapist?
    Adults, adolescents, and children with learning differences who need personalized intervention plans and one-on-one support to remediate deficits and promote strengths and abilities. • Students and employees with executive function challenges who need assistance to take control of their time management, thinking strategies, memory, and organization. • Learners who have given up the hope to learn. • Bright students who are not thriving at school. • Parents who want to learn how to support their children. • Allied Professionals who need to understand the learner’s perspective. • Pediatricians who need a better understanding of learning differences.
  • Who do Educational Therapists collaborate with?
    AET Educational Therapists work closely with Allied Professionals such as psychologists, diagnosticians, pediatricians, educators, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and other professionals to provide comprehensive support to their shared clients.
  • How do I find an Educational Therapist?
    You can visit our team page to learn more about the Educational Therapists on our staff or you can find trusted, trained, and professional AET Educational Therapists may be found by accessing the Find an ET resource at
  • What is the difference between an Educational Therapist and a tutor?
    While a tutor generally focuses on teaching specific subject matter, an educational therapist’s focus is broader. Educational therapists work as a team with parents, teachers, and other professionals to set goals and develop an intervention plan that addresses not only academic difficulties, but also psycho-educational and socio-emotional aspects of life-long learning through an eclectic combination of individualized intervention strategies.
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