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Our Approach

Our process for enhancing executive function skills is a five step process that includes an intake, assessment and weekly skill building meeting. Read below to learn about each step in more detail.

What is the EF Specialists process? 

Step 1: The Inquiry Meeting

The inquiry meeting is an opportunity for us to learn more about the transformation you would like to see occur through while working with an executive functioning coach, as well as an opportunity for us to share more about our process to support your goals.

Through a series of questions, we will collaboratively identify if we are a "right fit" for each other. 

You can book your free inquiry meeting by clicking on this link

Step 2: Intake & Match Process

During the the intake and match process, we evaluate your student's current executive function skills to establish a baseline by which we will measure progress.


We also ask your student to describe the characteristics and experience they would like to have with their ideal coach, so we can match them appropriately. 

The cost of our registration and matching process is a flat fee of $295 which is charged when you complete our signup form. This covers the cost of: 

  • Our initial meeting with you and your student

  • Writing a plan of service 

  • Matching your student with an appropriate specialist or executive function coach

  • Data collection on your student's executive function skills 

  • A review of any assessments, IEPs, 504 plans or other key documents

  • Initial consultations with teachers, mental health providers and/or other professionals you would like to connect us with

Learn more about our assessment process by clicking here

Step 3: Weekly Executive Function Coaching

During the weekly executive function coaching sessions our specialists (also known as executive functioning tutors) will establish a designed alliance with our students that allows them to strengthen their executive function skills. Each of our specialists has been certified in the coaching methodology designed by founder and master executive function coach, Sean G. McCormick. 

We describe executive functioning skills as P.O.S.I.T.I.V.E. skills that include: 

  • Planning

  • Organization

  • Self-advocacy

  • Initiation

  • Time management

  • Inhibition management

  • Visualizing outcomes 

  • ​Evaluating priorities

By guiding our students to address the most challenging dilemmas in their academic lives while explicitly teaching P.O.S.I.T.I.V.E. skills at the "point of performance," our student's begin to experience an expansion of their growth mindset, sense of resilience and overall engagement with the school process.


All sessions are held online using a multi-sensory approach by one of our highly-skilled specialists

If requested, we will also check-in between sessions using a combination of solution-focused questioning and "proof-ability" requests, to support both task-initiation and follow through. 

The cost of our weekly coaching sessions is billed at rate of $175 per hour. 

Learn more about our executive function coaching sessions by clicking here. 

Step 4: Family Team Meeting

The Family-Team Meeting (FTM) is an opportunity for all of the key stakeholders on your student's "team" to meet and engage in a process celebrating the wins (or micro-wins), identifying adjusted or new goals, or assigning responsibility and a timeline for implementation. 

The key to a successful FTM is that it is run by a skilled facilitator who ensures who everyone has the opportunity to be heard, while centering the student's voice as the driving force of the process.

Learn more about our FTM process by clicking here.  

Step 5: Phase Out 

Phase-out is approached incrementally with the goal of helping students take ownership of their developing executive function skills while reducing the intensity of our intervention to allow for independent practice. This could look like reducing from two sessions to one session weekly, then deciding on an end of service date during a family team meeting.  


We recommend a minimum of 6 months of coaching to fully integrate and apply the P.O.S.I.T.I.V.E. skills with guidance, but many students benefit from a more extensive timeline due to the increasing demands on their executive skills as they transition into higher grade levels.

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