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Using the Computer

Online Instruction

We know the power of online instruction to make a difference in students' lives and we stand by it. In addition to allowing us to provide the most-skilled instructors from a range of locations, helping our clients learn how to efficiently and effectively use technology to become 21st century citizens is one of the greatest benefits to online instruction. 

Why Online Instruction? 

There are many reasons online instruction helps students prepare for the future, as well, if not better than through in-person supports. 

*Clients learn essential technology fluency skills when engaging in online instruction that include screen-sharing, scheduling, keyboard literacy, appropriate online engagement and more. 


* The geographic flexibility of online instruction allows our team members to develop long-term relationships with their clients over several years, across different life transitions. 

* You have access to a wider-range of options through online support 

* You can continue to receive support while traveling 

* You remove the variability of traveling to and from sessions which can cause a range of challenges 

* You can quickly schedule additional sessions when more support is needed 

*Clients will learn new strategies to more effectively work from a range of locations 

"...I think his overall sense of confidence and pride in his ability to make big strides in what was once absolute torture, has been transformative for him over the past couple of months. He has felt the change, and he says he feels happier."

Parent, Berkeley, California

What if my child struggled during COVID to learn online? 

If your child struggled to learn online during COVID, working with an executive function specialist in a one-to-one instruction format can provide significant benefits. An executive function specialist can assess your child's specific challenges and develop personalized strategies to enhance their executive functioning skills.


This individualized attention allows for a deep understanding of your child's strengths, weaknesses, and learning style. It enables the specialist to design interventions that specifically address their needs, such as improving organization, time management, goal-setting, and self-regulation.

Research supports the effectiveness of one-to-one instruction and executive function interventions in improving academic outcomes for students. Studies have shown that individualized instruction positively impacts academic performance and behavioral outcomes.


Additionally, goal-setting and self-monitoring techniques significantly enhance academic performance and self-regulation skills. By engaging in one-to-one instruction with an executive function specialist, your child can benefit from these evidence-based approaches.


They can receive targeted support, develop personalized strategies, and practice skill-building exercises to strengthen their executive function skills, such as attention, organization, and time management.

The personalized support and interventions provided by an executive function specialist can have a profound impact on your child's online learning experience. They can develop the executive function skills necessary for effective online learning through individualized attention, tailored strategies, and skill-building exercises.


The positive outcomes observed in students who have received one-to-one instruction and executive function support highlight the potential for improvement in your child's attention, organization, and overall well-being.


By addressing their challenges and empowering them with the right tools, working with an executive function specialist can help your child thrive in the online learning environment beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

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