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The Semester Success Blueprint (SSB) 📐

Your guide to the best semester ever

The Semester Success Blueprint

A guide for students with ADHD to experience the best semester ever

"When you know better, you do better" 

This course will be released February 2024

What if your student with ADHD had a step-by-step plan to make this the best semester ever? 

What is the Semester Success Blueprint course? If your student has been struggling semester after semester with missing assignments, lack of teacher communication, and living in an on-going state of overwhelm, this course is for you! Here is how the course works: 

  • This course is a series of four main modules with bite-sized instructional videos meant to teach critical executive function skills which are not often taught in the school system. 

  • After each module, your student will have an opportunity to reflect on what they learn and evaluate their mastery through a short quiz. 

  • There will be ONE key action item after each module that will help your student implement what they are learning. You may need to help them with this! 

  • This is quick, manageable, but extremely valuable information that will lead to real transformation if utilized and applied throughout the semester. 

  • This does take work, but if you and your student are willing to learn and grow, you will be astounded by the results and clarity that comes from engaging in this process. 

I hope you will give this a shot! 

Sean McCormick

Who is SSB for?

  1. This is for parents and their children to do together.

  2. Educators can also do this with their student. 

  3. Ages: This course is ideal for middle and high school students. College students can also benefit from this. 

What you get


Four self-paced modules carefully designed to teach you everything you need to know and nothing you don't about how to have the best semester ever. 


When you join this course, you will have access to our growing collection of Q and A sessions and other resources in our state of the art video vault powered by AI search technology. 


Everyone who joins will have access to the community hub where you can connect with other students and parents who are working on this coursework and build community. 


Throughout the duration of the course, you will have access to our membership community where you can ask questions, get additional support on your most pressing needs, and stay engaged. 


After completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion, indicating you have successfully completed all requirements toward enhancing your executive function skills. 


If you decide you want to try using a 1 to 1 executive function coach at EFS following the completion of the course, you can apply up to 50% of your course purchase price toward coaching credit. 

Details / FAQs

  • These modules are self-paced 

  • You will need to do these WITH your student so you can both explore the materials and workshop them together

  • If you need additional support, you can post questions on the community page 

  • You will have lifetime access to the modules, but the videos cannot be downloaded


​Pricing starts at $97. The price will now increase as we sell more copies and make updates to the course:​

  • PRICE NOW: $97

  • NEXT PRICE (50 Copies Sold): $149



Kickstart your journey with a warm welcome and an overview of how this course will transform your school experience. This introductory module outlines the course structure, highlights the unique benefits for students with ADHD, and sets the stage for a semester of growth, organization, and success.

The Art and Science of Communicating with Your Teachers

Develop effective communication skills with teachers using proven strategies. Students will learn how to craft emails, seek help, and build positive relationships with their educators, enhancing their educational experience.

How To Create Your ADHD-Friendly Student Dashboard

Learn to organize your academic life with a tailor-made dashboard. This module guides students through setting up a digital dashboard that effectively tracks assignments, schedules, and essential school information.

Breaking Mid-Terms & Finals Into Manageable Chunks

Tackle the challenge of major tests with ease. This module provides strategies for breaking down study materials into manageable sections, creating a study plan, and using stress-reduction techniques to excel in mid-terms and finals.

Mastering Time Management with Google Calendar

This module focuses on leveraging Google Calendar for impeccable time management. It teaches students how to schedule tasks, set reminders, and use the calendar as a powerful tool to manage daily school life and deadlines.


Reflect on the skills and strategies you've mastered and how they've contributed to a more successful semester. This concluding segment awards a certificate of completion, encourages sharing your feedback for continuous improvement, and discusses how to apply these newfound skills in future academic endeavors and beyond.

Hi, I'm Sean 👋

I'm the founder of Executive Function Specialists and the Executive Function Coaching Academy

I wanted to create a comprehensive, but compact course that will support students with ADHD to have better school semesters. 

I know some families cannot afford to invest in a semester of executive function coaching. While our services at EFS can be accessed free of cost via the IEP process, not every child has a high-powered advocate or attorney who can integrate EF coaching into their IEP.  

To address the need for high-quality EF coaching support available to the general public, I've created a powerful course to promote better school outcomes for students with ADHD. 

I hope this brings a TON of value to your family and I look forward to hearing your thoughts! 



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