Becoming an Executive Function Specialist

Are you interested in becoming an executive function specialist?

Do you want to make a BIG impact on others and help them reach their goals? Here are the steps. 

Step 1:
Possess One of the Credentials Below

Become a Professional Education Therapist 

To become an Ed Therapist you need specific coursework in a range of areas related to instruction and development. Learn more about that process here

Become a Credentialed Teacher 

Complete a teacher credentialing program and share documentation of an active teacher credential. 

Posses a Master Level Degree in a Related Field 

Demonstrate mastery in a related field that contributes to enhancing a client's executive function. This may include therapists, counselors or a health-related degree.

Step 2:
Complete the EF Specialists Training Course

Once you have demonstrated the appropriate credentials, the next step is to complete the EF Specialists certification course, "Become An Online Executive Function Specialist."


The coursework is a series of instructional videos, multiple questions, and written reflection questions in which you can demonstrate your knowledge. 

Step 3:
Apply For A Mentorship Practicum Through EF Specialists 

The practicum includes a minimum of 15 coaching hours in which you work with an Executive Function Specialist to learn strategies, techniques and professional dispositions that allow you to effectively support clients with executive function challenges.

Step 4:
Pass a Background Check 

While you may have already completed this in your credentialing program, ensuring the safety of children and clients is our top priority. 

Step 5:
Apply For A Position At EF Specialists or Work Independently 

Once these steps are completed, you are eligible to apply for a position at Executive Function Specialists or can pursue work as an independent coach.