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Hannah W, (she/her/hers)

EF Specialist

Executive Function Specialist
Education Specialist #1230257122 (CA)
BA in Liberal Studies/Child and Family Sciences

Hi! My name is Hannah Walters. I have mild/moderate teaching credential, as well as a BA in Liberal Studies/Child and Family Sciences. I was a special education teacher for 8 years, working with a range of students/ages. Additionally, I am a 500 hour certified yoga instructor, and have attended several trainings on the roll of mindfulness in executive functioning. I am very passionate about teaching children and families tools that will assist them in reaching their fullest potential. My experience in the classroom, as well as my experiences in wellness inform my approaches in working with students.

I love working with students on executive function skills, because the tools they learn at this stage in life can create a foundation for their future experiences/opportunities. I believe in the power of relationships, and in meeting every individual where they are at. Considering the totality of a students’ experiences, while pushing them to develop tools and strategies that will propel them towards their potential. I also relate deeply to the students/families I work with, as I have had to learn and implement many of these tools myself, being a child that had executive function challenges. I would say my go-to strategy for working with students is creating a mindset for success, helping students see that they can take control of their lives, by learning themselves, and becoming familiar with their super power. With this knowledge we can create structures and routines that are truly individualized.

I believe that behind every challenge lies a superpower that has been undiscovered. On my day off you may find me in a yoga studio, hiking in the mountains, making music with friends, or dancing to some groovy live music.

Hannah W, (she/her/hers)
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