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The EFS Medical Advisory Panel

Executive Function Specialists' Medical Advisory Panel & Review Standards

The Executive Function Specialist's Medical Advisory Panel comprises board-certified physicians and psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, professors, scientific researchers, therapists, and other experts in ADHD and its comorbid conditions. Its esteemed members work with Executive Function Specialist's editors to ensure the factual accuracy, medical integrity, and clarity of Executive Function Specialist's articles, symptom tests, and webinars. We are thankful for the clinical experience, authority, and personal understanding they contribute to the Executive Function Specialist's editorial process.

James Bylund, Psy.D.

James Bylund, Psy.D.

Licensed Educational Psychologist

Over his career Dr. Bylund has worked as a School Psychologist, SELPA Program Specialist, District Director of Student Support Services, Licensed Educational Psychologist in private practice, Owner/Director of The Bylund Clinic.

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