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A $200,000 mindset shift (May 7, 2024)

This is a mindset tweak I learned from a life coach who charges $200,000 a year for his coaching (per client) 🤯

By the way, he requires his clients to travel to him to work together ✈️

It has helped me progress toward my outrageous goal of recording 40 YouTube videos this year that will help parents, educators and students enhance their executive function skills. 📈

If you are a parent or educator, try asking these questions to your student and see what happens.

What is the $200,000 mindset shift?

Instead of asking WHAT you need to DO to accomplish your goal. 

Ask yourself, WHO do I need to BE to accomplish the goal? Do you need to be...

  • Focused?

  • Resilient? 

  • Committed?

  • Strategic? 

Here is why this works 🛠️  

When life happens and you miss one of those self-imposed deadlines, instead of giving up, you can re-focus and ask yourself the following questions. 

Who am I being? 

Who do I want to be? 

Then, instead of feeling guilt for missing a deadline, you can respond to the moment, and make lemonade from lemons 🍋

The bottom line

Every moment is an opportunity to align yourself 🧘‍♂️ with your core values and act from that operating system (not the reactive guilt of missing a to-do)

At the end of the day (and life), it’s less about WHAT you’re doing and more about WHO you’re being.

I'm choosing resilient, loving, and flexible 💛

WHO are you going to be today?

About the author

Sean G. McCormick is a former public school special education teacher who founded Executive Function Specialists to ensure all students with ADHD and Autism have access to high-quality online executive function coaching services. 

With this mission in mind, he then founded the Executive Function Coaching Academy which trains schools, educators, and individuals to learn the key approaches to improve executive function skills for students.

He is also the co-founder of UpSkill Specialists, a business with a mission to provide adults with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder, access to high-quality executive function coaching services that can be accessed through Self-Determination funding.

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About 👋

EFS started with one teacher deciding that kids with ADHD needed better access to quality executive function coaching services. Since then, we have grown to a team of specialists working both private students and public schools to enhance executive function skills for all students. 

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