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What are Executive Functions?

Understand Why We Say They Are "The Key To Your Future"

Executive functions refer to a set of cognitive processes that are responsible for planning, organizing, initiating, and regulating goal-directed behavior. These functions are essential for everyday activities such as decision-making, problem-solving, and working memory. They are also crucial for academic and professional success, as well as for maintaining healthy relationships.

4 Amazing Facts About Executive Function Skills

People with better Executive Functions enjoy a better quality of life

Based on the research of Dr. Adele Diamond, "It’s extremely important to help young children have good executive functioning because EFs early in life have been found to predict lifelong achievement, health, wealth, and quality of life."

According to the research of John Hattie, ADHD, which is also known as "executive dysfunction" may be the single greatest negative impactor on student achievement. 

Poor executive functions can damage our bodies 

A study published in the National Library of medicine found that "Poorer EFs are associated with obesity, overeating, substance abuse, and poor treatment adherence."

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Check out the video below to learn all about the different executive function skills

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The executive functions are are a set of processes that are required for managing behaviors. The executive functions work together to allow us to attain selected goals, even while the external conditions of our environment challenge and distract us. 

Are you a parent who wants to look beyond the day-to-day waves of missing assignments and understand your child's planning, organization, and self-advocacy skills, in an objective and rational manner?  Use our free resources to assess executive function skills. 

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